Complete set of Winks, Vibes & Pearlywinks 21 sprays in total

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Product Contains:


4 x Pearlywinks Wink Spritz – 100ml each

- Red

- Blue

- Yellow

- Black

7 x Pearlywinks Wink Vibe – 100ml each

- Hot Pink

- Sky Blue

- Lime Green

- Pumpkin Orange

- Precious Purple

- Vintage Teal

- Soft Brown

4 x Pearlywinks Vintage Wink

- Aged Teal

- Dusky Plum

- Sage Green

- Old Brown

6 x Pearlywinks Sprays – 100ml each

- Hot Pink

- Sky Blue

- Lemon Yellow

- Silver Grey

- Blue Sea

- Iced Turquoise

1 x Pearlywinks Magic Drops – 30ml

Our ink sprays are extremely versatile and such great fun to work with. We now have 21 inky colours available from primary colours, vintage colours, hybrids and vibrant - they can all be mixed to create your own blended colours.

Let your imagination run wild, and your creativity takeover.

Our Ink Sprays are for anyone and everyone (please note that children under 12 should be supervised at all times). From complete novices, right through to experienced crafters these really are a great addition to any Crafters Stash.

The inks can be used on a range of mixed media, the transformation of a plain piece of card stock into something unique and beautiful is mind blowing.

They can be used on a variety of materials and items including wooden and clear stamps, stencils, paper punches, card, photo paper, water colour card, ribbon and material clay, MDF.

Since developing the sprays, we have found we no longer need to buy coloured card as we can take a simple piece of white card and spray it any colour that we want.

Depending on the medium used, this will determine the intensity of the colour and the look that can be achieved.

Winks can be mixed with other products such as our beautiful Pearls to give a completely different look.