Scenery and British wildlife Stencils

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We are pleased to bring to you a new range of scenery and British wildlife stencils cut to work alongside our Winks, Vibes and Pearls.

Our stencils have been designed, cut and packaged in our design studio they can be used with our sprays and our texture paste ( texture paste coming soon) to give a subtle raised effect.

Each stencil has a base the size of approx A5 with the image cut out slightly smaller:

With over 35 elements to create scenes with mountains and hills filled with all your favourite British wildlife. We have included masks for all the main elements.

Being slightly smaller than A5 in size makes them perfect to be backed and mounted onto A6 cards, they are also a great size for mixed media.

We have researched the materials needed to make stencils and found that Mylar is the most popular, not only is it flexible but it is also durable. We have chosen a mylar that works well with our sprays if it was to thick it would encourage clogging in the corners causing the sprays to bleed when the stencil is removed, and if it was to thin it would not be as durable as we would like so we opted for a light/mid weight (as far as stencils go).