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What another fabulous day with our Hochanda family!

First of we would like to thank everyone for your continued support especially those that have ordered from us and continue to order from us time and time again, you really do make what we do worth while!
Secondly we must also thank Janice Phillips, you made the day even extra special by making us laugh all the way through! (even when Donna spilled a full bottle of Pink Wink Vibe live during the show!) Janice was very professional with this, we may of just panicked if it wasn't for Janice!
What a great sport too, Janice stayed true to her word and after the cameras stopped rolling she face planted the shaving foam!
We thought it was only fair that we did the same! 
If you missed the show you can catch it here:
Please stay tuned for our next show on 20th October 2018. 
From Simon, Donna and the Pearlywinks team!  

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